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this day in horrible history 

↳ 23 April - Birth (1564) and Death (1616) of William Shakespeare. 


Costume Design Sketches for Gone with the Wind (1939)

The wardrobe department produced 450 costume sketches, of which 377 were made by Walter Plunkett, known in Hollywood for his authority on period costumes. Seamstresses worked feverishly to complete 2,868 costumes, not including 1,230 Confederate uniforms for what has become the most well-known historical drama ever produced by Hollywood.


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I’m always looking for ways to challenge myself, and ways to do things that are kind of scary.

Léa Seydoux for Prada Candy Florale


i didn’t ask to be this much in love with a fictional character but there he is and here i am

First pic of Robert Downey Jr. on the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron, courtesy of his Twitter (x)


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gender: angel

relationship status: looking to get fucked hard